Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tactix Training

On the 29th of June, the Year 5/6 netball winter sports team and a couple of the Year 5/6 netball zones trialists had a training with Anna Thompson and Olivia Coughlan from the Tactix (Canterbury netball team). For a warm up, we jogged around the center third and Anna or Olivia called out a letter. With a buddy we made that letter. We then did fun passing and communicating drills. After that we went into the Otawhito blue room and had a quiz. People who got the question right got a prize of a mini sponge netball, a sweat towel or a lip balm.  After the quiz we all got a poster and got it signed by Anna Thompson and Olivia Coughlan. Overall it was an amazing training session and I'm sure everyone will want to do it again!

By Kayla T33

Here is a link to a passing drill the Tactix taught us



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