Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Canterbury Basketball Tournament

On a beautiful sunny day, the 28th of June 2016 the Halswell Rams set off from Halswell School. All of the players and their parents arrived at school and hopped in their cars and drove, excitedly, off to Pioneer Stadium.

We sprinted quickly into the stadium and sat down in our teams. The Sport Canterbury people talked to all of us about the rules what we were allowed to do and what not.

Our first game was against Fendalton School and we beat them 12-6, that’s when we all got excited. Then we had a forty minute break. After that we played Ashgrove and the score was 19-4, then we had a 20 minute break.

After the break we played Somerfield - we smashed them 18-2 but even though we beat them they were really good sports and came and “high fived” us afterwards. Then we had another hour and a half break for lunch went on the outdoor Basketball hoop made our plan with Coach Dickel.

Finally we played the undefeated team like us - Kaiapoi North unfortunately we lost 14-8 some of us got down but we still kept our heads up. Now we had another long break 40 minute we got some more fruit, we watched Hillview.

We ended up playing off for 3rd and 4th - winning that game put us in 3rd place overall.

We want to say a big thank you to Mark Dickel for being our coach and our wonderful parents who transported us there and supported us all day!  

By Louie and Guy

Players : Ameya Raut, Fraser Jones, Louie Gordon, Michael Isles, Madden Dickel, Charlie Flanagan, Guy Collins, Leo Collins, George Teear, Charlie Henderson.

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