Friday, July 29, 2016


In Otawhito we have been participating in Banqer for the last term and a half. In Baqer we have started creating companies, with a variety of services and products. In those companies we are in groups of 3 or less. We got a sheet that was called our company planning sheet. It made us think about what our service is, do we need employees, what we will pay them and how much we want paid. We are all excited to create our companies and bring them to life in the classroom.

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Ripper rugby
On Wednesday 26th of July, 10 year 6’s went to English park and competed in a Rippa Rugby tournament. We played Waitakiri school and Southbrook school and we won both games. The next game we played was the only game we lost by one try against Paparoa Street school. We played Star of the Sea in the semi finals and we won. We progressed to the final and versed Paparoa Street school again. It was a draw so we had to play golden point in which the last try wins. It was a nerve wracking few minutes but George Tear got the golden try. That meant we won Canterbury Ripper Rugby.

Every student has their own blog

Just a reminder that everyone in Otawhito has their own blog. This is where we should be posting every two weeks a piece of our work. Ask for each other's blogs to check them out.

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