Thursday, July 14, 2016

LIfe Education - Time with Harold

For the last two weeks of Term 2, the Life Education bus arrived at Halswell School. Otawhito students were given exciting learning experiences based around friendship. The life education van promotes discussion between students and working together constantly. 

The first session consisted of students looking into what a friend is. Every student was given a characteristic of friendship and asked to place it under a heading of how important a friend is : not important, important or very important. As a group we discussed why students put it there and if other students agreed looking into different perspectives. In the session we touched on bullying and what it is.

The second session was based around cyber bullying. We looked into how simple actions which we might find funny on social media can effect those around us and turn into cyber bulling. The next part of the session we scanned a students body and explored different organs like the heart and the brain. 

And finally, of course, we talked to Harold! His 'dad' jokes were a highlight for many students.  The two sessions opened students eyes to different aspects of friendship and promoted lots of discussion not only in the bus but back in the classroom. 

We can't wait for Harold to come back to Halswell School and the Otawhito learning centre! 

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