Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Halswell Canterbury Volleyball Champions

Team 2 - Canterbury Volleyball Winners. Team 4 - 2nd place
Team 2 players - Logan Barnes, Samuel Burgess, Brooke Smith, Caleb Foleni, Izzy Scovell, Hugo Gonlazes and Laura Fairbrass.
Team 4 players - Mehianna Pauling, Sarah Jamieson, Ruby Friedel, Shivam Pandya, Bryn Drummond and Katie Doncliff.

Canterbury Volleyball

On Tuesday 28th of june 2016  Halswell school went to the YMCA in Bishopdale for the Canterbury volleyball tournament.  We sent 5 teams .

Team 2 was the A  team. Team 1, 3, 4, 5 were mixed teams.  They were all chosen by Angus (our Volleyball coach).

We all got taken there in a car with a lovely parent.  There were about 7 games for each team.  There were 24 teams in the competition with  6 teams in each of the 4 pools. There were some really good players in the tournament including us. We had learnt some really good skills from Angus.

In the final came  round and Team 2 and team 4 had to play each other while Team 1 played Fendalton for 3rd and 4th. Team 2 came first overall with team 4 second and team 1 came 4th.

We want to thank Angus for coaching us so well and our wonderful parents for transporting us there, supporting us and even referring! Also congratulations to Laura Fairbrass who was chosen as “player of the tournament!

By Brooke Smith T35

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