Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Term 2 Newsletter

Otawhito Year 5/6 Learning Team
Term 2 2016
Dear Parents/Caregivers;

Welcome to term 2 at Halswell School. All classes have now completed a very
successful Living Springs camp. The children are still discussing camp events
and we are all so grateful to have been able to enjoy this outdoor experience,
made possible by the parents who volunteered to help. Your presence and
assistance makes the whole experience a very enjoyable experience for both
the children and ourselves.

Team organisation:
T30 Anita Head (Team Leader) Kowhai  anita.head@halswell.school.nz
T31 Natasha Fraser - Koreke  natasha.fraser@halswell.school.nz
T32 Carolyn Adams/Leigh Hurford - Koreke
T33 Chris Williams - Koreke
T35 Deb Kingsland - Kowhai debbie.kingsland@halswell.school.nz

Term 2 topics:
Science: Solar System
Maths: Addition and subtraction, Measurement, Geometry
Arts: Rotation of drama, dance and visual art based on Matariki, Calendar
Writing: Character and setting descriptions, information reports, visual
prompt based writing
PE/sport: Rolleston winter sport, Invasion and target games
Technology: Tech challenges- possible trip to Te Hapua (Halswell Library)
Health: Life Education

Halswell School offers Year 5-8 children the option to “Bring Your Own Device”
(BYOD). If you are interested in signing your child up for BYOD, please check
the school website for documentation, or alternatively, collect a copy from
your child’s teacher. Device use is incorporated into all aspects of our
At present children are getting into the habit of showcasing their learning on
their blogs. It has been pleasing to see more and more children bringing
devices, to cope with this we are in the process of purchasing new storage
cabinets to keep the children’s devices safe.

Dates for your diary:
Rolleston Sport: Starts Tuesday 10th May then every Tuesday for the duration
of Term 2.
Learning conferences: Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May
Year 6 Cycle Safe: May 23-June 3
Queen’s birthday: Monday 6th June
Written National Standard Reports: End of term 2
Court Theatre performance of Matariki: 28 June ($4.00 per child).
Jump Jam disco: 24th June
Zone basketball: 13th May
Zone Cross Country: 23rd May
Indoor Tournament (Basketball/Volleyball): 21st June
Life Education: 27th - 6th July

Rolleston Sport
The children have now all been told which sport they will be playing for
Rolleston Sport. The games begin on Tuesday 10th May (week 2). All children
are required to have a red sports top of their own to wear- it will get plenty
of use - but there are spares at school if needed. In addition, children playing
hockey require a mouthguard and shinpads and football players require
shinpads. Other items of sports uniform were issued to the children last
week. Many thanks to the parents who have kindly offered to assist with
coaching or managing teams.

This term we are focussing on Versatile Players. The children will be
developing and working towards goals related to these ACTIVE
characteristics. A lot of the goal setting will relate to trying new things,
such as Rolleston Sport, cross country, and other school events offered to
the children in Year 5/ 6.

Please feel free to speak any of the teachers if you wish to know more about
the upcoming term.

Kind regards
Anita Head, Natasha Fraser/Jeneane Jefferson, Carolyn Adams/Leigh Hurford,
Deb Kingsland and Chris Williams
Otawhito (Y5/6) Teachers

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