Thursday, May 26, 2016

By Claudia

Imagining imogen
Imogen woke to the cool wind breathing up against her neck. Daniel dragged himself out of his tatty bed beside hers. He slowly worked down the corridor into the dull kitchen. Imogen rolled over. Her body slowly dragging behind her. She slowly traipsed down the stairs. She too walked  into the kitchen behind Daniel. Imogen felt the cool golden metal up against her neck. It was a small heart locket threaded onto thin golden chain Daniel had given her. She slowly rubbed her hand against her chest where the locket dangled lifelessly.   Daniel stared out into the open stretch of land that was placed out side their house. He looked over to the red clay lagoon randomly placed at the end of their property. Imogen was sitting down on a second hand sofa placed in a small dull room eating breakfast. Daniel was still looking out into the open, squinting at the glaring sun beaming in to the dull room Imogen was sitting in.
Imogen opened her mouth a crack to take a small sip of her black thick coffee. Daniel looked into the distance, a thick cloud of smoke was heading towards them. He was to worried about his own safety to worry about Imogen.
She was still calm drinking away as the smoke and fire spread towards her.
2 hours later
Imogen was struggling for survival crawling her way out of the fire her house had become. Her breath became husky and she was struggling for breathe.
Once she found her way out of her house, that was now burning down in flames she turned to look at the charcoal, burning mess her house had become.
But as she stayed longer her eyes started to water and she could no longer breathe as the smoke had clogged up her lungs. She let out one last husky breathe before becoming unconscious and fell backwards.Imogen weakly opened her eyes. She looked down, she was lying on a rough piece red ground. Imogen rolled over rocks crumbled below her. She was on the edge of cliff face the churned downwards into a large abyss. Imogen turned her head to look out into the distance she looked and saw a pile of black with smoke searing out the top of it. Imogen's black stained body rolled up against the rough rocks. she started sliding down the cliff face yet she was to weak to stop herself and left herself to fall down the face of the lagoon. She passed out. after a while of lying unconscious she weakly opened her eyes. Staring over her was a shaggy girl looking over Imogen in confusion. Imogen sat up and the girl moved away. She spoke calmly. "I am Imogen." she said slowly. The girl looked at her weirdly and spoke. Imogen spoke back and it turned into a long conversation that seemed as if it would never end. In the conversation much was learnt as Imogen now knew the girls name was fawn and knew that the girl had coal mined her way into the lagoon and couldn't get out.  Imogen  then realised the locket hanging around her neck. Fawn watched as she fiddled with it.  Fawn watched her as she played with the locket.Imogen started walking towards a  hole that was placed at the dark end of the lagoon.Fawn soon started to follow her,
the two of them looked down into the hole.
Imogen broke off the locket and closed it in Fawns hands. She then told fawn- its yours drop it. Fawn dropped it into the small hole. Imogen's eyes glistened with tears as the two of them heard the locket hit the bottom of the hole. Fawn watched Imogen sniff and wipe away the tears.  Fawn soon scuttled away to a big rock and showed clear hand movements , Imogen followed in behind her. Fawn picked up the rock and pushed it aside. Once the rocks were removed the remainders was a small porcelain jewellery box completed with complex flower patterns. Fawn picked it up and opened it  and then shuffled closer to Imogen. Inside the box was a feather, 2 buttons, various different coloured beads, a worn out penny and a copper mirror connected to a chain. Fawn picked up the mirror and placed it around Imogen's neck. Imogen smiled through the tears remembering Daniel's smile .
Fawn smiled back. Though Fawn had rough edges she was still had emotions. Fawn's deep brown eyes and chocolate brown hair was reflected off a puddle in the lagoon.

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