Monday, May 16, 2016

Rapunzel Character Description 
By Anastasia Bell 

Rapunzel's long golden hair sways as she walks on the hard stone floor of her tower. Her big sparkling green eyes staring out of the window and into the sunlight, wishing she could step into the green. Feeling sad she turned around with her bare feet, her silly purple dress as still as a statue because there's no wind and no nature in her tower. 

Feeling brave, she jumped out of the window and into the green, curious about what she could find. She was angry with her mother for not letting her step onto the grass and into the wild and wind. 

She sat down and hugged her camouflaging creature. " I dislike my mother, she doesn't even look like me" she said. I love it out here, she thought holding her favourite weapon. Her frying pan! 

She started twirling, leaping and tripping over her own hair. This is more like my life!, she said as the breeze spread across her face. 

This is a fantastic piece of writing! Well Done Anastasia. 

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