Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Term 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Caregivers

School Logo-1.JPGWelcome to term 2 at Halswell School. All classes have now completed very successful Arthur’s Pass camps. The children are still discussing camp events and we are all so grateful to have been able to enjoy this outdoor experience, made possible by the parents who volunteered to help. Your presence and assistance makes the whole experience a very enjoyable experience for both the children and ourselves.  Please pop in this week to see our camp museum in our Learning Centre ‘blue room’.

Team organisation
T30 Anita Head (Team Leader) Studio B Kowhai anita.head@halswell.school.nz
T31 Sam Jack - Studio A Koreke   sam.jack@halswell.school.nz
T32 Carolyn Adams/Melissa Barber - Studio A Kowhai carolyn.adams@halswell.school.nz
T33 Chris Williams - Studio A  Koreke chris.williams@halswell.school.nz
T34 Rachel Dixon - Studio B  Kowhai rachel.dixon@halswell.school.nz
T35 Deb Kingsland - Studio B  Koreke debbie.kingsland@halswell.school.nz

Term 2 topics
Science: Fizzing and Foaming
Maths: Addition and subtraction, Measurement, Geometry
Arts: Rotation of drama, dance and visual art based on Maori myth and legends
Writing: Reports, explanations
PE/sport: Rolleston winter sport, Invasion and target games
Social studies: Pre -European Maori (museum visit)

Halswell School offers Year 5-8 children the option to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).  If you are interested in signing your child up for BYOD, please check the school website for documentation, or alternatively, collect a copy from your child’s teacher.  Device use is incorporated into all aspects of our programme.  
It has been pleasing to see the children bringing along devices. At present they are learning how to set up a blog and use apps such as ‘snagit’, ‘screencaster’ and ‘movenote’ to share and reflect about their learning. We are hopeful that you will have better access to the work your child does at school through the use of these apps.
We are awaiting the arrival of 16 new devices (ipads and chromebooks) which will enable more children to use technology.  

Dates for your diary:
Rolleston Sport Wednesday 13 May
Year 6 Cycle Safe: May 26-June 4
Queen’s birthday: Monday 1June
(Halswell School sesquicentennial weekend)
Reports: Friday 19 June
Learning conferences: 23, 24 June

Rolleston Sport
The children have now all been told what sport they will be playing for Rolleston Sport. The games begin on Wednesday 13 May (week 4). If possible it would be great for the children to have a red sports top of their own to wear- it will get plenty of use. In addition, children playing hockey require a mouthguard and shinpads, rugby players require a mouthguard and football players require shinpads.  Other items of sports uniform will be issued to the children this week. Children will be updated on this through the daily notices. Many thanks to the parents who have kindly offered to assist with coaching or managing teams. We will be in touch with you shortly.

This term we are focussing on Achievers (aiming high). The children will be developing and working towards goals related to these ACTIVE characteristics.  A lot of the goal setting will relate to working effectively in an MLE and developing self management and social skills.  You may like to discuss with your child what their goals are and how they are towards them.

Please feel free to speak any of the teachers if you wish to know more about the upcoming term.

Kind regards
Anita Head, Sam Jack, Rachel Dixon, Carolyn Adams, Deb Kingsland and Chris Williams

Otawhito (Y5/6) Teachers

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