Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Arthur's Pass Camp
A House all Covered in Sticks

“25 minutes left kids,’’ yelled out Dave Peerson, the camp guide at Arthur’s Pass camp. We were rushing to finish of our bivi’s. Brielle, a student from T30, was running back and forth with supplies for us. In the teams there were the fabulous girls team including Asha, Brielle, Libby, Siena and Maia. There was the mixed team including Joely, Livvy, Mikayla, Lachie and Matt.L and then there was the boys team including Matthew.S, Coby, Sam and Finn. Everyone  was doing a marvelous job.
“15 minutes left!” yelled out Dave.  For a while it was all a blur of people, running, yelling, building, customizing and encouraging each other.
“When Dave called out ‘time’s up’, I turned to my team and told them they’d done a great job.  Then it was high fives all round.”  said Asha, a T30 student.
The judges were Dave, Jeneane and Annette and at the end we were all winners. Boys won most original, girls won most decorative, the mixed team won most strong and Dave said he would probably sleep in it. At the end we all got 5 or 6 marshmallows each.

By Siena and Maia   T30  

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