Tuesday, May 5, 2015

322 steps
"320...321….322,  yes! We finally made it!" T30 went through the tough, sweating, worst 322 steps of their life.  
One T30 student, Joely, described it as “Tiring and sore, but well worth the view"
Another student, Brielle says "The walk wasn't that bad, but the fruit burst at the end helped. When the steps started to go up down that’s what makes it a lot more tiring.”
It’s called The Devil’s Punchbowl because you can see the devil’s face in the rocks and he is holding a punch bowl. The water from the waterfall goes into the bowl. T30 learnt about the plants along the way. There is stinkwood and three finger. The stink wood tasted disgusting!  The children of T30 agreed, The Devil’s Punchbowl walk is worth all those steps because it’s a beautiful view.  

By Libby T30      

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