Monday, August 15, 2016

Neil Shaskey Art Lesson

Otawhito were lucky enough to have Neil Shaskey come in and run an art lesson with groups of students. The focus this year was Canterbury landscapes. Students started with a blank canvas and created amazing masterpieces. They learnt and used different art techniques of how to hold their pencil, shading, being able to blend colours, and perspective. Every student was fully engaged for the hour and a half session, all producing some amazing artwork that they can be proud of. 
I asked the kids to describe the lesson in one word if they could and I got these answers back - cool, artist, fantastic, passionate, spectacular, amazing, proud  and we felt like artists that could draw anything now.  

Here are some pictures and the students work will be available to look at in the learning centre shortly or at the Arts night in Term 4. 

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