Monday, August 8, 2016

Canterbury Rippa Rugby Champions

We are the champions!
Congratulations to the Halswell year 6 rippa rugby team, who won the Canterbury tournament in Week 1 of Term 3. They are off to Wellington to represent all of Canterbury, ka pai!
Here is a report from Izzy and Alex T35.

On Tuesday, 10 people in year 6 went to a Canterbury Rippa Rugby tournament these were the people that went: George T, Leo, Guy, Meihana, Charlie F, Claudia E, Brooke S, Alex S, Izzy S & Holly.

The first school we played was Waitakiri and we won the score was 8/3. Then we played Southbrook and we won again and the score was 8/5.

After that we played Paparoa st and we lost by one point and the score was 5/4. The next game was semi final, we played Star of the Sea and won. The score was 9/6.

We were so excited because then we were in the finals but we had to play Paparoa St again, we had to bring our A game!

It was nerve wracking! We had to win all, we could think about was Wellington cause if you win you go to Wellington for free. At the end of the game it was a draw!

There had to be a winner so we played for the GOLDEN point. It was so intense. We were a bit unlucky because they had the first tap off and throughout the game who ever had the first tap would be the first to score. They found the gap they were running but Charlie was chasing him down followed by the team - we made the rip. All of a sudden they passed out wide and the pass was to powerful and they knocked it on. Holly grabbed the ball and run straight ahead and got ripped she popped pass to Charlie. He found a gap but a bit behind him was a boy from Paparoa St, he passed out wide to George. He sprinted to the corner and dived and before you knew it - we we going to Wellington!!

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