Friday, April 6, 2018

Awesome Achievements!

We have a learning centre full of amazing children who are involved with a number of different sports, clubs and other activities outside of school.  We have children who dance, drive go karts, do gymnastics, play instruments, do parkour, play sport, compete in downhill mountain biking, sing, volunteer, go to Brownies, Cubs and St Johns...the list goes on!  It is wonderful to hear about what our children are learning, working on and enjoying with their out of school activities.  We love to celebrate the learning and success of our children.

Izaak Fletcher had a very busy Easter weekend competing at the 2018 Kartsport New Zealand Sprint Championships.  He competed in the Cadet ROK class with 23 other drivers from around New Zealand for the title of 1NZ.  This has required a massive commitment from Izaak, his family and supporters.      

Izaak raced very well!  He was sitting in 5th place during the final when a red flag came out.  Unfortunately, and much to Izaak's disappointment, he didn't get a great restart and lost a number of placings.  He finished 11th overall and even managed to get the 3rd fastest lap time over the weekend of racing.  

Over the next few months Izaak will travel to the Hawkes Bay for the WPKA Goldstar and to Blenehim and Nelson for the Sunbelt Series.  He then has the opportunity to represent Halswell School at the National Schools competition later this year!

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