Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Neil Shaskey teaches Otawhito cartoon animation.

Drawing cartoon faces
Thanks to Neil for coming to teach us to draw
cartoon faces : )

So it started when everyone was down on the mat 20 minutes before school starts then we hear the music go. Yay, time to learn about drawing cartoon faces. We started by looking at some cartoons and cartoon faces. We then started on the outline of our faces on a piece of paper and drew eyes. We did so many different faces- happy, sad really sad, normal angry and old men.

Next we did some lips. When we were done you could easily see what they were feeling. It looked better and better when we put hair, ears and noses on. Wow when we were done I could not believe I just drew that.

Then Neil got me up to do a running pose and also like I just won the lotto... $5 million dollars. He told us that we can use things from around the house to get a outline. We were using a spoon. I thought wow this is going to look so bad, but it looked really good. I was so surprised then we drew a huge, strong guy.

Once we had done that we put our faces and drawing up so he could see it. Last we did a professor. I didn't like it as much but I still tried my best I thought it was good but I think if I had a bit longer I could have made it amazing.

Overall our art class was amazing and thanks to the teachers for organising such a great morning.

By Sam Kelly T31.