Monday, July 27, 2015

Football Zones

We arrived at the park and Mrs Williams had to get a tarpaulin so we didn’t get our bags wet and didn’t have to get wet butts when we put our boots on! When we first touched the icy ground, our boots wouldn't sink in the ground. It was hard to kick a ball when it was so slippery.

The ref blew his whistle and we kicked off. When the first game started I was too scared to slide tackle because we thought our pants would get holes in them from the sharp ice on the ground.
After half time I passed the ball to Sam and he took a shot and the keeper saved it but it went for a corner so we got 1 point. At the end of the game we won 1-0.  We ran into a circle and celebrated, then we went to our next game against Akaroa. We won 5-0. I went to hand the score card to the official and we got our last 3 cards. In our last 3 games we played Prebbleton, Broadfield and Burnham. We beat Prebbleton 3 -0. We beat Broadfield 4-0 and we beat Burnham 5-0.

In the end, Halswell school A team came 2nd out 12 teams. The B team came 2nd as well but only the 1 team could get into Canterburies.  We all were disappointed but we were still happy with 2nd place. On the bus ride back to school we were talking all  about the football.

In the end, we all had lots of fun, no injuries and we got lots of chocolate and lollies!

By Cameron Bunz, Sam Clince, Matthew Sheridan and Ethan McIntosh.

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